Why Nearshoring?

It’s simple

Rapid development of the IT industry and the latest happenings with the COVID-19 pandemic showed us that remote work is actually more than possible! Now more than ever companies are looking forward to hiring talent remotely hence the competition on the IT market raising.

It’s safe and easy

IT professionals in Macedonia Macedonia are no strangers to outsourcing and working remotely for teams based in other countries as over 50% of them are directly or indirectly working for foreign companies. We also offer a trial period of 3 months by default for all of our candidates.

Cost Efficient Flexibility

Efficiency and flexibility often comes with a high price tag but not here and not with us. With nearshoring you have a unique opportunity to hire staff as per your budget and quality preferences.

Salary Average in Macedonia Macedonia


The information presented above is based on the following research:
Mapping the IT industry in .mk

Base Salary and Seniority Levels

Seniority always plays a big role in determining the pay of your employees but it’s good to keep in mind that there’s always exceptions. We don’t rank the employees based on how long the work in the industry, instead, we conduct few interviews and tests to determine their seniority level.


As one of our partners, your company will be directly involved in the hiring process and your managers will negotiate the salary with the candidates for your position as they would for an onsite employee. Same applies for salary revisions, your company will define and present the rules to the hired staff members.